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Fantasy football rankings? We got em. Fantasy auction values? We got them too. We'll even provide detailed stat-based analysis, just for you.

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Have you ever had an opinion and simply kept it to yourself? We haven't either. We'll keep you updated on exactly what we're thinking as soon as we think it. Perhaps sometimes even sooner.

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Let's get real for a second, fantasy sports isn't science. It's trying to predict the future, a skill at which humans universally suck. Does that mean we don't try? Of course not, we try our asses off.

Exactly how awesome is dynasty geeks?

Exactly how awesome is dynasty geeks?

So glad you asked...

In a word? Indefinable. Statisticians have tried to quantify their greatness, ultimately determining the sum is incalculable. Historians have tried to put their accomplishments into perspective, only to concede that which is unprecedented. Dynasty Geeks content is so fire it rescues kittens from trees with statistics sufficiently rigorous as to make DaVinci’s Codex appear somewhat slapdash. Dynasty Geeks even once beat up Chuck Norris. It’s true. Then Chuck complimented the beard.


Wait, there's more...

From Zero-RB to the next hottest sleeper candidate, there’s no shortage of fantasy football hot takes in this industry…and obviously we’re not immune to the hot takes part. But we’ll back it up with rigorous statistical analysis and ideas that set us apart from the crowd. With a focus on dynasty fantasy football, where long-term player value is king, we’re here to help you win your dynasty league by increasing your fantasy football IQ as we squeeze high-quality fantasy content in-between what is otherwise mostly sophomoric humor.

In addition to news updates and fantasy trade advice, Dynasty Geeks provides solid fantasy “game theory”-style advice, the kind of advice that is applicable across multiple fantasy formats or platforms.

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Allow myself to introduce ... myself.


Doug | The Geek

I'm a professional Aquarist, aspiring author, and in true entrepreneurial spirit, my side hustles have side hustles. I love long walks, time on the water, dynasty leagues, and statistical correlation. Trained in Ecology, (that's numbers stuff people!) it's no wonder I'm one of those "stat guys".

Here's an interesting fact about me: I had Barry Sanders on my first fantasy team.



Are you a veritable fantasy cognoscente with a unique voice who's also a connoisseur of wry humor? Did you actually search for the definition of that word? Well hey, Dynasty Geeks is open to new contributors.

Drop us a line, we can have a chat, share a few laughs, a walk on the sea shore, drinks by the fire, we’ll see where it goes from there.

In all seriousness, if you’re interested in becoming a Dynasty Geeks contributor, don't hesitate to reach out.

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