There Is No Next Last Year

Just thought I’d pop in to remind you that it is the year 2021 and this year is not last year. Also, last year is last year, last year isn’t this year. And no, I’m not trying to ignore the fact that for most intents and purposes, this kind of logical regression is simply superfluous bordering even on gratuitous. But for some reason when it comes to sports, this is the kind of truism that bears pointing out.

Yes, Variance Matters

Absent names, which player do you want?

Both player A and player B scored a similar number of points, played the same number of games, and had similar point per game metrics (the X). Higher weekly scores are displayed higher on each player’s chart. The entire height of ‘whiskers’ is the total range of outcomes for that player.

Elijah Moore Out With Quad Injury

Hopefully this should be nothing more than a speed bump for the talented young rookie, with ESPN’s Rich Cimini reporting that Moore is day-to-day following his MRI.

Broncos Bully Vikings

It seems to me that QB isn’t a liability for the Denver football franchise, and they have a potentially elite defense. Combine that with the heavy usage of rookie Javonte Williams, who showed good yards-gained-after-contact ability. The stock is up on all the Denver offensive play-makers.

Trey Lance to the Moon

This play is nothing special from a highlight perspective, but from a football standpoint I saw tremendous poise, timing, and accuracy of throw. Or, all the things that are never present in a Jameis Winston highlight video.

Jets DST Owning Life

It’s a simple matter of fact that if this doesn’t make you happy, you don’t like football.