Nawlins Pass Catchers

Nawlins Pass CatchersAugust 14, 2021 9:09 pmWith NFL icon Michael Thomas out for a significant portion of this upcoming NFL season, the pass-catchers in New Orleans represent a tremendous buy-low opportunity for redraft or plug-and-play dynasty fill-in services. While it remains unlikely that a long-term starter can be obtained by dumpster diving in the New Orleans Saints WR room, there is still some opportunity to reap some win-now 2021 rewards by investing in the Saints unheralded pass-catching core. Notably, the front-runner to take on the mantle of the Saints’ WR1 in this 2021 season in Marquez Callaway garnered 3 receptions …

Zero Clarity in New Orleans

If there’s any one piece of information that gives us an inclination about Peyton’s week-1 intentions, it’s that veteran slash-back Taysom Hill was given the staring nod over the younger gunslinger Jameis Winston.

Anatomy of Fantasy Value

Opinions are like assholes, they spend most of their time on Twitter. Given that subjectivity has little predictive merit, perceived player value is easily the least dependable and most inaccurate of valuation systems. But that doesn’t mean it should be ignored, quite to the contrary. It’s probably the most important single facet of a player’s value.

3-Headed Monster

One of the big questions of the offseason, is which Steelers WR do you want? All of them? None of them? To compare the three receivers, I’ve prepared a box and whisker plot for each of the three players. This charts the weekly fantasy finishes for each of the three receivers, and gives a good demonstration of the range of outcomes each wide receiver can potentially return.

A Tale of Two Halves

The team saw a dramatic drop in passing yards week-10, setting the trend for the rest of the season, and representing a dramatic change in fortunes for the team that would spelled disaster for the offense the rest of the season.