Trey Lance to the Moon


Trey Lance to the Moon

August 14, 2021

9:58 pm

Given the dearth of talent at the TE position for fantasy purposes, the potential fantasy outcomes for each of the top-few options will never not be news in fantasy football land.

This simple pass from Lance to Kittle assuages some of the concern that I have personally had with Trey Lance. It's not that I don't have faith in NFL scouting reports, and Lance's draft capital is as sure a sign of tremendous real-world NFL scouting reports.

Still, given that we've never really seen Lance perform against top-tier competition, watching him perform in his first appearance with the 49ers buoyed my faith in the rookie QB. This play is nothing special from a highlight perspective, but from a football standpoint I saw tremendous poise, timing, and accuracy of throw. Or, all the things that are never present in a Jameis Winston highlight video.

There were no happy feet. The ball was delivered on time, accurately, with literally zero consternation.

Lance is my QB1 of the 2021 rookie QB class.